RE/MAX Corporate Egypt partner and build relationships with local and international corporate clients, to help maximize assets value, optimize, facilitate and support all assets investment.

RE/MAX Corporate Egypt’s objective is to provide complete and comprehensive real estate services and solutions to corporates and organizations in different industries.

RE/MAX Corporate Egypt continually evaluates its business approach and services to help ensure the success of our network and the clients we serve. We deliver a level of awareness, trust and confidence that the competition simply can't match. Looking forward, we aim to build upon this advantage and become an even more attractive destination for top corporate clients.


What primarily differentiates RE/MAX Corporate Egypt is that we understand our clients’ current and future goals through a strategic thinking mindset that allows to:

  • Determine clients’ business development and investment objectives

  • Anticipate future events and issues that will impact our client’s decision to buy or sell

  • Determine the directions to take or recommendations to make to help clients achieve those objectives

  • Understand the various options available to clients and be able to articulate them

  • Create alternative buy/ sell/ lease scenarios for clients to consider

  • Use different approaches to property valuation

  • Help clients through their objectives nationally and internationally

Entrepreneurs name RE/MAX the number 1 fastest growing real estate franchise
RE/MAX is the world's largest real estate network


Signing one consolidated contract

Managing bulk transactions and providing exceptional real estate investment offers for corporate employees

Boost international sales

RE/MAX Corporate Egypt site visits to real estate projects across Egypt

Diverse marketing activities

Asset valuation and management