Disposition & Letting

RE/MAX Corporate Egypt provides services for corporate clients: sellers or property owners, and handles other commercial real estate owned properties

Effectively selling commercial properties in today's market environment poses significant challenges. RE/MAX Corporate Egypt has the skills, knowledge and resources to overcome these challenges and maximize the equity in their clients' properties.

RE/MAX Corporate Egypt's access to global marketing services offers local expertise in the valuation of commercial property. We are supremely prepared and qualified to handle the sale of your business or property through our wide number of offices present in the country. We also have the best online and offline resources to provide your properties the broadest exposure to potential buyers.


RE/MAX Corporate Egypt help corporate investors sell, lease or transfer their real estate assets for value. This may include retail, commercial or industrial real estate properties. We help you find the right investment opportunity, looking at available properties and research what opportunities are out there. This will allow you to craft pro forma projections as well as a financial analysis.

Distressed properties

A distressed property is a piece of real estate that's usually either under foreclosure, owned by a mortgage lender or bank, or owned by a government agency due to repossession or a tax lien. It can also just be a property that's in poor condition. RE/MAX Corporate Egypt provide the right skills and tools to properly handle real properties, through finding the right buyer or through auctioning.